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Posted 5/7/2020 7:19am by Andy Watson.

Hello! I'll make this short and sweet. Today is the first spring share that you ordered. We have had an interesting spring to say the least but we made it to May. We hope you and your families are all well and staying safe. At your sites this afternoon you will find a black tote with your name on it as well as a terra cotta planter with some huge lettuce and kale growing in it. Please take one planter, the one next to your share. They will have labels on them but they may be hard to read with the lettuce  falling over. Please try not to touch anything else today at the sites to keep other items free of lots of hands. Leave the black tote behind and only take the bag of produce home. This will ensure we can keep them sanitized and clean for next time. 

Call Andy at 608-469-2319 or email andy@macwatson.net if you have any questions about pickup today. 

Here is the Newsletter Link!

Have a great weekend and thanks for your support!

Andy and the Sprouting Acres Crew


Posted 5/5/2020 9:35pm by Andy Watson.

We wanted to send out a little update from the farm this week for some reminders. We sent out an email a few days ago to the members that are getting a Spring Share this Thursday. If you got plants from us and this week is your delivery date, we will have them at the pickup sites. They will have your name on the box as well as an invoice with what you ordered. Please, please, please take them into your house overnight Thursday and don't rush to get things planted quite yet. Tender plants like basil, peppers, and tomatoes will get severely damaged on Friday when it is supposed to drop below 32F. We are keeping all our tender plants in the warm greenhouse and you should too.

The main season CSA boxes don't start until the first week of June. Every other week boxes start either the first week or the second week of June. We will be sending out another email in a week or two letting you know which week your EOW share will be delivered. It will be either the ODD numbered weeks or the EVEN numbered weeks. We will also send you a reminder that you can take a picture of or print to keep handy in case you are not sure which week you pick up. We also send out an e-newsletter on Wednesday nights with a reminder as well. 

Please email if you have any questions and we will try to get back in a timely fashion. We are busy cramming cool weather crops in the ground, working fields while it is dry, laying fabric for warm weather crops, planting in the greenhouse every week for multiple plantings and getting hundreds of plants labeled and ready for your home gardens and containers. 

Thanks so much for all the support this season so far. We filled our CSA to capacity which was badly needed with the loss of our markets and pizza nights being just for carryout. It has been great to see the community come together to help support us and other local farms and businesses in the area. We are very excited for this season. Now, we just have to contend with mother nature and one nasty virus!

Market share holders, you should have received an email in the last 24 hours with a gift card code to use at our store. We will more than likely start adding produce to the store on a weekly basis starting next week. It has been a little cool and things have paused for a few days. Let us know if you have any questions regarding the market shares this season since they are a little different.

Again, let us know if you have any questions. Send them to me, Andy, 

at, andy@macwatson.net or through the website. 

Thanks again and you will hear from us soon!

Posted 4/28/2020 7:10pm by Andy Watson.

We are getting geared up for our first ever, CARRY OUT ONLY PIZZA ON THE FARM!

That's right. We will be offering 5 types of pizzas, a seasonal salad for 2 and a chocolate chip cookie pack for farm pickup this Sunday. We ask that you stay in your car and pull in the same driveway as last season. Then follow the signs down to the Big Blue Barn where we will get your order out to your car in a timely manner. There is no outdoor or indoor seating at this time so please stay in your cars. We hope that in the near future we can run the pizza nights a little closer to how we ran them last season but for now, this is what we are doing. 

All orders must be placed online at our new online store where you can pick your 1/2 hour carry out time. If you have questions, please send them to andy@macwatson.net. We are not offering any beverages at this time but that may change in the future. 

Posted 4/23/2020 9:55pm by Andy Watson.

We are sold out of our shares for this season but you can still check out our new online store!  Right now we have plants for sale for delivery to our CSA sites and once we have produce we will be adding that as well. Also look for online pizza ordering in the days to come! Pizza nights continue starting the first Sunday in May for carryout only. Stay tuned.

Posted 4/17/2020 8:23pm by Andy Watson.


We hope you are safe and healthy! We were trying to figure out how to get credits on the new online store and we came up with an idea. In the very near future, you will get an email with a coupon/gift certificate for your amount that you purchased with us for this market season. Seeing that markets are sort of opening for preorder and farm pickup only in the near future, we figured this would be the best way to get you your market goods. The Spring CSA share starts the first Thursday in May and we should have some veggies ready by then that we would normally take to market. So, you will be using the online store for now for a Thursday delivery to a site close to where you live. We will send you the list of pickup locations this weekend with your coupon codes.

If you have any questions, fire away. If you did by chance purchase something already at the new online market, we will just adjust the gift card to reflect that purchase. We will most likely be doing the online pickup and ordering at the Downtown location which we will send out another email when that happens. It is not on the square since the State pulled all permits for now. We will keep you updated as we learn more!

Thanks again for supporting us and we hope we can maneuver around whatever  mother nature throws our way whether it's rain or a new virus transmitted from a wild animal that then travels around the whole world and gets you sick! 

Stay safe please, wear a mask if you have to go out and we will update you on all our new safety protocols we will be implementing this season. 

Andy and the Sprouting Acres Crew

Posted 4/17/2020 8:57am by Andy Watson.


We are opening our online store to the general public. If you are a 2020 CSA member you have already received this update.

We set up a store to get vegetable and herb plants as well as produce to customers while farmers' markets are closed or changing how they operate. Right now it is just plants but we will be adding produce as we get it in and maybe some treats as well. 

The first delivery to our CSA sites is not until the first week of May but orders can be placed now. We will be adding more plants this weekend. The store is very easy to navigate but feel free to email us with any questions you might have. 

You can access the store by going to sproutingacres.com and clicking on The Experience tab, then Shop Now! You can also click on this link to take you directly there. https://shopsproutingacres.com/


Posted 4/7/2020 10:53pm by Andy Watson.

Thanks to everyone that signed up last winter and these last couple of months. We are very full and happy to see so many new names on the list! We will be opening our online store in the next couple of weeks to help those market goers and anyone else that is looking for fresh, local, organic produce, plants and some other treats to be delivered to a home near you!

Thanks again for all your support! Let's get this season going!

Andy and the Sprouting Acres Crew

Posted 3/22/2020 11:46am by Andy Watson.

Hello and Happy Spring! We all know this has been anything but a normal spring because of the current heath crisis in the state and world. We hope you are taking all the necessary precautions to keep yourself healthy. We will get through this together. Also, don't forget to keep visiting your favorite cafes and restaurants that are open and doing carry out or delivery. They need to have business to keep open during this crisis. Supporting local right now is more important than ever.

We wanted to fill you in on how things are looking for this season. We've had a few people ask if our CSA is in jeopardy because of the health crisis. We are one of a few industries that are not being forced to shut down. People need to eat and we are the means of getting the food to the people. We feel CSA is a great alternative to the grocery store and even markets as this outbreak continues. It reduces time around other people even though we are all craving that right now.

We will be taking extra precautions with shares this year but we feel our pickup locations are a prime spot for dispensing food for a few reasons. They are spread out in distance as well as time shares are available for pickup. We don't have a central location where everyone meets up. We will have more protocols for actual pickup locations in the near future and will more than likely have a sign at each site with protocols on them. We have already been using new single use plastic bags inside the boxes for all shares so that will continue. As much as it pains us to use more plastic, we may be bagging a few more things this year. We will be quarantining our waxed boxes for at least two weeks to ensure nothing is being transferred from week to week and our plastic totes will be washed and sanitized each week in our commercial licensed kitchen sinks. This will ensure we are keeping all families safe week after week. 

We are trying to figure out what we will be doing in April when outdoor markets are supposed to start. Our markets are a pretty big part of our farm. We have market share customers that see us every week as well as regulars we've had for over 10 years. These people are going to miss their veggies if we are not able to vend at the markets and we will miss going. So, we are working on getting an website set up for ordering our produce online. We are thinking since we already have pickup locations for our CSA, we can have pickup locations for other produce as well. We will update you when we have everything up online and especially when we have produce to sell. The Dane County Farmers' Market has set up a system of picking up vendors produce for the winter market but we don't have word yet on how that will work for the larger market up on the square. We are watching the state updates on rules but hope things change for the better when the weather gets warmer. For now, we hope you are all staying safe, washing hands, and spending some quality family time with those you love. Get out of the house for some fresh air too.

Check you email for updates in the near future and have a great week and weekend.

Andy and the Sprouting Acres Crew

Posted 2/29/2020 9:40am by Andy Watson.

So, looks like there is another day this month! Which means you have one more day to get the early bird CSA pricing. Sorry for the confusion.

Happy last day of February!

Sprouting Acres

Posted 2/28/2020 5:40pm by Andy Watson.

Happy CSA Day!

The last Friday in February is national csa day and we wanted to remind you on this beautiful day that this is the last day of our early bird pricing. If you have already signed up for this season, Thank You! If you are planning on it get it done today! 

The seeds are all ready to plant and the greenhouse gets fired up on Monday! 2020, here we come!

Enjoy the upcoming weather.  Get out and get some sun!

Andy and the Sprouting Acres Crew

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