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Welcome to week one of your Sprouting Acres CSA!

Posted 6/3/2020 9:42pm by Andy Watson.

We made it to week one! The fields are filling up fast with delicious produce and we can't wait. Please read this whole email even if you are not getting a share this week. There is information for everyone. I am reposting the pickup site and time info in this email just to make sure it is out there. Click on this link(it works this time) for all the info that was sent out earlier this week. 

Pickup information, locations and times

Ok here we go. 

First, we had a mixup with picking up cookbooks and we were not able to get to the fairshare office in time to get them so, cookbooks that were ordered will be delivered next week to anyone that is picking up a box then the rest delivered the week after. 

Second, members picking up a the farm, please walk up to the front of the new blue barn, open the front door and find your box on a table. 

3. Please do not take home the black totes. We have a limited number and need all of them left at locations so we can clean and reuse them each week. All boxes and totes will be lined. Pull the liner out and take the bag home or empty the contents into a bag of your own. 

4c. Small weekly shares are in elongated cucumber waxed boxes. They will have your name on them. Standard shares will be in black plastic totes. They will have your name on them. Family shares will be in tall 1 1/9th bushel boxes. They will have your name on them. So, all three different sized shares will all look different this year. Your only responsibility at the pickup site is to make sure you only take your box! We are thinking of doing away with having you check off your name on the sheet just to keep down the touching of the pen and such. So, if you box is still there after pickup time is over, we will know who it belongs to. With this warm weather, veggies will only make it overnight then start to decline but it is best to get them inside as soon as possible to a fridge. 

If you forgot to pickup up your box please send me an email so we can let the site members know you are still coming or planning on coming on Friday morning. Things happen, traffic happens, life is busy and wild right now. We will have to donate the box to another family if we don't hear from you by the next morning about picking up your share. Your Wednesday night reminder is this email. It will not ever be thing long again so don't worry. I'm just trying to cover everything for those of you that are new!

Please print off or take a picture of the pickup dates if you have an Every Other Week Share. I know it can be confusing. I even have a pic so I can double check which EOW shares go to which sites each week. Technology can be our friend. 

Ok, I think that is all! Oh, here is this week's newsletter link....

Week One Newsletter

Have a great weekend and contact us if you have any problems getting your CSA share tomorrow!


Andy & The Sprouting Acres Crew

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