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Hot pepper id!

Posted 7/26/2020 6:27pm by Andy Watson.

Hello all and hello rain, boy did we need it. I forgot to ID the peppers in the newsletter so it's getting done now. Hopefully you haven't had any burning mouth issues yet! The dark green peppers are immature green peppers. They have a pointy shape but are just the same as a sweet bell pepper. The small, pointy, light green pepper is the hungarian hot wax pepper and it will be hot. We had some hot wax peppers fire roasted on sausages and tacos this weekend while camping and I highly recommend that method of cooking. They will still be hot but it seemed to tame them a little. The other trick is to scrape out all the seeds and white ribs that are inside the hot peppers. This removes a majority of the heat. 

We hope you are enjoying your veggies and finding some ways to eat them up without heating up the kitchen too much!



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