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Box 20, October 6th, 2011

Posted 10/5/2011 9:46pm by Andy Watson.

October is here, but early September weather is creeping back. We love it. It’s great for a final growth spurt for the fall greens and makes being outside even more enjoyable. We finally got a more widespread killing frost last week and the tender crops bit the dust. It’s that time of the year. We hope you enjoyed the summer bounty and hope you enjoy the nice fall produce to come.

            We were going to include potatoes this week but the delivery company wrote down the wrong pick-up date from the potato farm. So, they are dropping them off on Friday this week and you will see them in the last two boxes. We wish we had gotten them to you earlier but they were two weeks behind planting with the cool weather this spring, and had some rain issues during harvest time. We will look around this winter for another option for next year or we may grow a small amount of potatoes for early summer, then order more for fall.

            We have started harvesting sweet potatoes and you will get them for the next couple weeks. We are still harvesting parsnips, radishes, and fall greens. The Salsa Verde kit is an all in one package. Just follow the directions on the newsletter and you will have fresh roasted green salsa for your chips, chicken, or steak.

            We are looking for a few good helping hands constructing our new hoophouse. We will be putting up the structure on Saturday, October 15th around 2:00 and hope to be done around 5:00. We will provide refreshments during and some food as well. Let us know if you can make it. It’s fun to see it being built.

Kelly Bratt & Andy Watson, Sprouting Acres

Items In Your Box This Week:   


Mixed Onions

Butternut Squash


Sweet Potatoes

Salad Mix


Salsa Verde Kit:




     Serrano Peppers

Winter squash should be stored in a cool place. A garage, basement or three season porch work great. Just keep from freezing. The butternut squash should last  a few months if you want to hang on to it for a special event or holiday.


You can use the radish greens for a sauté green if you would like. If you are not going to use them, cut them off so they don’t suck water out of the radish. Keep radishes in an airtight bag and they should last at least a couple weeks.


Root vegetables are made to last, sometimes through the winter. In the last box you will receive sunchokes which are a crunchy tuber that tastes like artichokes when cooked. They also will last in a bag in the fridge for months, like till next may. Traditionally people harvested root crops, placed them in sand or bags and then into a cold root cellar. Roots were the staples for winter, when other vegetables were not available like they are today.


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