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Box 14, Aug. 25, 2011

Posted 8/24/2011 9:40pm by Andy Watson.

We lucked out with the weather for the farm party last weekend and it turned out to be a great event.  Thanks to all that made it and hope more can make it next time. We are planning on at least one more member work day, probably a weeding shift, before the Bike The Barns event. We are also looking for help possibly in late September erecting our second large hoophouse.  It is usually a fun time, it doesn’t take too long with lots of help, and I usually have a meal and drinks.  Look for it in the next few newsletters.  One other event that tends to be in October is garlic planting.  Look for those in the next few newsletters if that interests you.

            The zucchini are slowing down a bit but still productive. The first fall lettuce planting is up and moving along with the rain we got this week. Spinach is being planted this week as well as more lettuce mix and greens. The farm looks different almost every week as we pull out crops for storage and replant for fall.

            The corn this week is from the same place as last time. This time of the year he said it tends to have a greater chance for worms.  So, peel back the tip, take a look, and if in doubt, just cut the top inch or so off before cooking. Depending on how our 2nd carrot planting goes, we may be purchasing late fall carrots from the same farm.

            Last but not least, the silo is now a pile of rubble. The picture on the back is what it looks like now. We are working on getting the scrap aluminum and iron out and sold to help pay for the cost of the demolition. It was quite an event. Look for it on our website soon. It actually took less than 20 minutes from beginning to end, and we stood just about 25 feet from where the top landed.  Phase one of the foundation removal project is done and the next phase is in a couple weeks. Enjoy your produce.   

Kelly Bratt & Andy Watson, Sprouting Acres


In Your Box This Week:
Mixed Onions



Summer squash

Serrano Peppers

Tomatoes: cherry & mixed

Sweet Corn

Herb: Thyme 

Flower Rotation

Veggie Tips

The cabbage should be kept in a bag in the crisper. It will not spoil for quite a while.  If you want to use it in a few weeks, just peel off the outer leaves and discard.  They outer leaves protect the inside and keep it crisp.  Cabbage can be stored most of the winter if stored correctly. 


You can use any tomatoes for salsa. Heirlooms are just a bit juicier. Just squeeze out a little juice if you want less. The Roma tomatoes are on the way.  



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